Unisex PediFix Visco-Gel Corn Pads 12 Pack Large/X-Large

Item #25-261
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Visco-Gel® Corn Pads absorb pressure and friction to help prevent and ease pain from corns and other digital irritations. Elastic sleeve stretches to fit most digits and keeps Gel in place without adhesives. Proprietary Gel releases medical grade mineral oil onto skin surface to soften and moisturize. 12/package

Features include:
  • Unique Gel delivers vitamin-enriched mineral oil to skin to soothe, soften, moisturize
  • Absorb pressure & friction, cushion & protect corns and other sensitive spots
  • Soft, flexible, elasticized Mesh fabric is 1/2-coated with Visco-Gel®
  • Stay in place without adhesives
  • Effective for weeks

Visco-Gel® Corn Pads absorb pressure, conform to prominences and release vitamin-enriched mineral oil to soothe and soften corns.